GoDaddy Safari promises Great Thrills for domainers!

In a brilliant attempt to reverse the negative publicity of his elephant hunting in Africa, GoDaddy president and CEO Bob Parsons has announced the introduction of new services.

“Why beat around the bush and try to convice those PETA pansies that we have a God-given right to control the aggressive population of African elephants?”, said Bob, polishing his Remington 800 CDL rifle.

“So we’re introducing a brand new range of services that will cater to the manly domainer, those that aren’t afraid to kill their prey from 200 feet while it’s hiding in the African bushland.”

The new service, called GoDaddy Safari offers exciting new thrills for domainers that want to taste Africa in the savage way: by killing so-called aggressive elephants and sample their meat over an open fire.

GoDaddy Safari – CLICK IMAGE

The new GoDaddy Service will come with several bonus freebies, such as extra ammo, a map of Zimbabwe – the stomping fields of Bob Parsons – signed by Robert Mugabe, the country’s ruler and alleged dictator.

“I’m excited, that’s all I can say”, said Bob Parsons while looking through his laser-enhanced scope and getting ready for another trip in the African bushland. “My manly approach to domaining is what made GoDaddy the #1 registrar in the world”, he added.

GoDaddy Safari is now open for registration and it’s receiving overwhelming support from non-vegeterian domainers around the world.

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