#Google gaming : Would you have spent $3k+ on the domain Stadia.com?

Stadia.com is now owned by Google.

Today Google unveiled more details about Stadia, a box-less gaming platform that uses a new games controller, called Stadia Controller.

Aside from that, all one will need to play games instantly, is a Chrome browser and – naturally – a fast Internet connection.

During the presentation, the Stadia managers unveiled the game environment’s primary features:

  • Stream Connect – which allows split-screen multi-player gaming on the Stadia platform, and
  • Crowd Play – the ability to quickly join existing games as they stream

Google acquired the domain Stadia.com from its previous owners, a sports and street fashion brand that registered a trademark for STADIA, citing first use in 2007. They had acquired the domain in 2010, for just $3,601 dollars at a SnapNames expired domains auction.

The fashion brand existed until recently, as captures from Archive.org show. So from a 1994 registration and use as a Stadium Managers Association forum, the aged domain Stadia.com becomes a huge, multi-billion dollar online games platform for Google.

Stadia means “stadiums” in Greek, denoting the plural form of “stadion,” an ancient Olympics race of approximately 180 meters.

Would you have spent $3k+ at a domain auction for this cryptic, brandable domain name? Doubtful.

There is no doubt, however, that Google spent a pretty penny to acquire Stadia.com, by using a third party proxy buyer, and there is a chance we’ll have to wait out until Google files its financial paperwork, next year, in order to find out the price.

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