Got any game-changing domains? The Domain King does!

What are game-changing domains, one might ask. Simply put, these are domain names that can “change the game” by serving a specific purpose for brands. Once sold, game-changing domains can fetch a lot of money!

Game-changing domains can be short, two character domains, or powerful keywords or composite keyword domain names that are memorable.

Most English dictionary, single word verbs and nouns belong in this category, especially if they echo history, technology, finance, and the world that we live in.

For example, domains such as,,,, are all game-changing domains.

Is it only .com domains that possess the ability to be “game-changing?”

Game-Changing Domain Names

According to an article from late 2011, the new gTLDs were seen at the time as an opportunity to deliver a game-changing cache of domain names as brands:

Not only could .brand enhance a brandโ€™s SEO strategy with greater connections to relevant search terms, but it could also help in the fight against online fraudsters, who set up fake websites, and cybersquatters.

On a related note, Rick Schwartz just registered the matching .com domain,

This three word, exact match domain possesses several powerful elements.

  • exactly matches the phrase “Game Changing Domains.”
  • It’s a .com
  • It’s easy to spell and remember.
  • It can be used as a repository of such “game changing domains” or as a tutorial about the power of domain names.

Smartly, the Domain King registered the domain BEFORE using the hashtag #GameChangingDomains and that’s a great combination to use. Otherwise, he risked witnessing some opportunist registering the domain by “stealing” the hashtag’s thunder!

However, while everyone can use the same hashtag on social media, there’s only one domain name! ๐Ÿ˜€ Let’s see what type of joint venture it’ll host!

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2 Responses to “Got any game-changing domains? The Domain King does!”
  1. BullS says:

    Literally and no doubt about it ,my “BUllS” domain is the Game Changing Domain!!!!

    WTF more do you want!!!! and what don’t you understand? Capiche!!

  2. As this is about gaming. I have and both are there for sell looking for good offer.

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