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Greek flair: Adam Dicker prepares changes to DNForum


Adam Dicker – Owner of popular domain forum, DNForum.com

Canadian domain investor, Adam Dicker, is preparing to enter the new fiscal year with a range of changes for his popular domain investment playground, DNForum.

One of the first changes will be the introduction of a Greek theme, to honor Dicker’s great-grandfather, Adam Panagiotes Dickeropoulos.

“Just found out my great-grandfather was half-Greek,” said Dicker.

“Although I’m glad he shortened his name for practical purposes, I will be renaming the forum to Delta Agora, temporarily”, added Dicker.

Many Greeks moved to Canada at the end of the 19th century, seeking new opportunities and a better life. Some succeeded in the food and catering industry, others in domaining.

Canadian domain investor Bill Kara is one such example of Greekness at work. Finance market wizard and domain analyst, George Kirikos is yet another fine specimen of a Greek entrepreneur born in Canada.

Meanwhile, Adam Dicker will further improve the forum by introducing Domainer Greekfest – an annual gathering of domainers from all nations, sharing Greek food and dancing for two days, all while discussing domain investments.

Congratulations to Adam for this fresh outlook of the domain industry! 😀

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  1. Uzoma says:

    Lucius, I noticed you are very Greek, therefore I invite you to check out a website VeryGreek.com, and let me know if you want to run it. I also have verycanadian.com, verycuban.com veryjamaican.com and so on…

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