Greg Ricks sells for $54,000 on little known Chinese auction site

Greg Ricks former owner of – is a no-nonsense entrepreneur. His first domain name,, was registered in 1996 and from there business flourished as he acquired ultra-generic

Known for his authoritarian ruling of, the once self-proclaimed “deposed dictator” is in real life a Texan with a great sense of humor and a self-professed “domain conference junkie.”

Greg’s also known for sporting Hawaiian shirts, jeans and sports sneakers in every major domain gala, outlining his down to earth personality. It was great meeting with Greg at TRAFFIC Las Vegas in January.

Greg Ricks held on long enough – Chinese patience?

His latest – although not greatest – sale has been that of the numeric domain which was just sold on little known Chinese auction site,

Despite number “4” being considered an unlucky number to the Chinese, signifying “death”, it seems that Greg’s sale of made a killing – ending at 368,666 RMB or approximately $54,000 at today’s conversion rate. Greg held onto the domain for at least the past eight years, before putting it on the Chinese chopping block.

A few years back, Greg Ricks kickstarted Igal Lichtman’s domain business, after selling him several dozen LLL .com’s at approximately $500 a piece. These domains ended up selling for thousands of dollars each!

Congratulations Greg! 😀

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