China on fire: Two new transactions engage NNN .com domains via 4.CN

The numeric domain market is currently on fire, all while the dust from a recent sale of to Qihoo for a reputed $17 million dollars has yet to settle. Two domain names, and appear to have changed hands very recently. First, appears to have been sold by the holding account at […]

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Golden Week: 4.CN closed in observance of China’s National Day

The Chinese National Day begins October 1st, officially lasting three days, but people tag two more weekends for a grand total of 7 days – the Golden Week. It is the longest public holiday in China besides the Spring Festival holiday. With that in mind, many online businesses in China close for the holiday, including […]

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Rise of the Dragon: Domain theft in China is gaining momentum

China is a technological giant and a rapidly developing economy; the country is changing at unprecedented rates, unknown to most western economies. Facing this extreme financial growth, the Chinese have acquired a lethal attraction to consumerism and luxury. The ability to spend creates the desire to want and seek goods, services and digital assets, including […]

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Father Domainicus: Do not let China steal all the good numeric domains for a piece of bread

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, on a busy, productive and exhilarating Sunday. It is my understanding that this very electronic publication has completed its 5th year of journey, and I would like to bless it and its operators, readers and other alumni and members of the Domain […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. – Saga of a stolen domain continues as bogus web site is set up

The thieves of hiding behind unverifiable WHOIS information, have now set up a bogus web site about kids stories. George Hong of pointed out that every domain hosted in China needs to be registered with the Chinese government; the ICP number at the bottom of is shared with other web sites. This […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Chinese registrar Ename uncooperative in stolen domain case

We have received an update on the stolen domain name, The Chinese domain registrar, Ename, is not cooperating with requests to return the stolen domain name,, to its lawful owner. The former registrar, GoDaddy provided ample evidence that the domain was transferred out unlawfully but Ename won’t return, alleging that everything was […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. update: Domain thief accepted offer on 4.CN

The stolen domain name was not removed by 4.CN officials, despite their notification by its rightful owner, Ms. Patricia Clason, about its status. After reporting the theft, the founder of the Center for Creative Learning gave the domain thief a taste of their own medicine, by placing a bid on 4.CN for her own […]

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ALERT: Stolen domain listed for sale on 4.CN

This is an “amber alert” for the domain name,, which is currently stolen. The domain was unlawfully taken out of a GoDaddy account on June 10th and moved to the Chinese registrar, ename. The stolen domain is currently listed for sale on the Chinese domain auction house, 4.CN. was registered in 1997 […]

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Breaking news: 4.CN rebrands as 8.CN

The story regurgitated more often than a goat’s dinner, is that Chinese love numbers. Numeric domain names are thus used as coinage, more or less retaining their intrinsic value, but not all numbers are created equal. Chinese domain name marketplace, 4.CN, is taking a bold rebranding move, as number four means “death” in Chinese. “It’s […]

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Large group of reportedly stolen numeric domains includes

A domain theft alert was posted today on DNForum, regarding the status of several, undoubtedly premium numeric domain names. Seven NNN .com domains and two NNNN .com domains were marked as “stolen” – the person announcing the theft is based in China and allegedly a friend of the domain owner whose domain names have been […]

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Chinese Moon Landing: Domain auction powerhouse 4.CN plants its flag

China has become only the third nation to plant its earthly flag on the surface of the Moon yesterday, after a successful moon landing. One critical aspect of the Chinese mission’s success, was corporate sponsorship by local companies, allowing research in aerodynamics, liquid fuel propulsion and nuclear trans-isotope fission to deliver results faster, better and […]

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Sorry that we touched some sensitive chords!

It seems that we touched some sensitive chords with yesterday’s revelation that Chinese domain repository, is actively engaging in the fine art of trademark violations. Its understandable that one has to be supportive of their sponsors and all that good stuff, but to be referred to as “scandalous” and even “offending” is simply hilarious. […]

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