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ALERT: Stolen domain Lightly.com listed for sale on 4.CN

Numerous trademark violations are listed on Chinese auction platform, 4.CN

Lightly.com is a stolen domain listed for sale on the Chinese auction platform, 4.CN

This is an “amber alert” for the domain name, Lightly.com, which is currently stolen.

The domain was unlawfully taken out of a GoDaddy account on June 10th and moved to the Chinese registrar, ename.

The stolen domain Lightly.com is currently listed for sale on the Chinese domain auction house, 4.CN.

Lightly.com was registered in 1997 and was used continuously until its theft occurred; its owner, Center for Creative Learning, is a Milwaukee based business, providing personal and professional development programs since 1983 for businesses and for the general public.

Patricia Clason, owner of the stolen domain name Lightly.com contacted DomainGang stating the following:

“Our domain name – lightly.com – was stolen June 10 from our GoDaddy account and is now up for sale by a Chinese broker […] We have filed reports with the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center, GoDaddy and FBI. “

We spoke to Ms. Clason on the phone, and she confirmed the circumstances of the domain theft.

She also mentioned that GoDaddy has so far been extremely unhelpful to comply with their expected action as the losing registrar, which is to reclaim the domain from the current registrar, ename.

Despite providing all the necessary proof and credentials of ownership, GoDaddy has simply referenced the “47 hours already spent” on this ticket; surely, not the response one expects from the registrar safeguarding one’s domain names.

Until a resolution is made in this case, domain investors should consider Lightly.com to be stolen goods as the current registrant is reselling stolen domain property on 4.CN.


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6 Responses to “ALERT: Stolen domain Lightly.com listed for sale on 4.CN”
  1. I have had this happen, to me! I know, how they do it! I had to get an attorney, he had the domains back in my account in 49 hours!

  2. Ms Domainer says:

    Shared on my Facebook page.

  3. dltG says:

    I would refrain from using “amber alert”, not really appropriate… esspecially if people are sharing this on fb….

  4. DomainGang says:

    Mary Jo – Please do share that experience, send me an email.

    Ms Domainer – Thank you, I appreciate that.

    dltG – The reference was made in quotes, signifying the gravity of the message. It’s not an attempt to confuse with child abductions. But thanks for your suggestion.

  5. Corey says:

    Looks like the name was sold in auction there on 7/30 for about 2,500 usd. Hopefully the rightful owner gets it back

  6. DomainGang says:

    Corey – It was actually “sold” to the rightful owner. Update coming soon.

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