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How to efficiently report a Domain theft for media coverage

On a daily basis, we receive numerous tips through the “Share a domain tip” widget at the bottom right of your screen. Some tips are about domain thefts, hijackings or other issues related to domain ownership. While it’s convenient to use the “tips” button to report a domain theft, we actually need more data from […]

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Lightly.com update: Domain thief accepted offer on 4.CN

The stolen domain name Lightly.com was not removed by 4.CN officials, despite their notification by its rightful owner, Ms. Patricia Clason, about its status. After reporting the theft, the founder of the Center for Creative Learning gave the domain thief a taste of their own medicine, by placing a bid on 4.CN for her own […]

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ALERT: Stolen domain Lightly.com listed for sale on 4.CN

This is an “amber alert” for the domain name, Lightly.com, which is currently stolen. The domain was unlawfully taken out of a GoDaddy account on June 10th and moved to the Chinese registrar, ename. The stolen domain Lightly.com is currently listed for sale on the Chinese domain auction house, 4.CN. Lightly.com was registered in 1997 […]

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