GST and domains : Goods and Services Tax to mess things up in India

India is introducing GST tomorrow.

On July 1st, the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) is hitting online transactions in India.

The measure has a lot of potential to disrupt online activities, including those related to domain name registration, negatively.

What is the Indian Goods and Services Tax?

Currently, Indian e-commerce web sites do not collect any tax in any form.

The GST defines tax collection as 1% while making an online payment to a web site for services or products. This will impact prices and increase the cost of online shopping, making it more expensive.

GST also affects the offering of freebies or other such discounts, as they will be subject to additional taxation.

As a result of this new tax introduction for Indians, BigRock, an Indian corporation, has updated its terms and conditions, splitting its services to two companies: Directi for Indian customers, and P.D.R. US Solutions LLC in the US.

You can read about the new terms and conditions at

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