Hank Alvarez denies any implication in the Moniker data breach

Pending the final release of a statement from Moniker with regards to the malicious employee who dug into account information of a domain protected by WHOIS shield, former Oversee VP of Operations Hank Alvarez issued the following statement at his web site, HankAlvarez.com

Dear Domainer Friends,

As I have said earlier on, I am now a changed man – far from the crooked, malicious individual who once rigged the Snapnames auctions. I was punished severely for my actions and I regret hurting as much as a hair of honest domainers.

With regards to the scandal of data breach at Moniker – an Oversee company – I can honestly say that it wasn’t me. Honest! Let God be my witness, I didn’t do it, I don’t go around snooping into WHOIS records of domains I don’t own. I don’t have the time for this so please understand that someone else did it and it wasn’t me.

I Love you all,

While most of us hoped that Hank Alvarez was the culprit of this scandalous inside job, it appears that he isn’t. Hank Alvarez is honestly a changed man after taking a sabbatical in the Himalayas earlier in 2010.

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