Hank Alvarez denies any involvement in the so-called ‘Domainfest flu’ incident

Former VP of Engineering at Snapnames, Hank Alvarez has posted an update at his personal web site, HankAlvarez.com

In this quick note to all domainers affected by the recent ‘Domainfest flu’ illness, Hank Alvarez denies any and all allegations that he was somehow involved in the contamination of the conference’s water:

Dear domainer friends,

I keep reading those rumors about my allegedly secret and malicious participation at Domainfest, resulting in hundreds of people getting sick with some Legionnaires virus. While I have no relations whatsoever with my former stomping grounds, I am deeply offended by all this! There is no chance in hell that I would have gained access to the potable water supply at Domainfest, as some suggested! Let me repeat that I am a changed man and what happened in the past belongs to the past. I wish best of success to Domainfest and quick recovery to all domainers that caught this nasty flu bug or whatever it is. Get well soon, friends.

I love you all, Hank.

It is evident that nowadays, some want to use Hank Alvarez as a scapegoat for everything and anything that might go wrong in the domain industry!

While we are glad to see that Hank Alvarez – known as “halvarez” during his Snapnames bidding days – is a changed man, this leaves us with two suspects: Daryl the Drunk Domainer and Chef Patrick. Who would you vote for?

We wish a speedy recovery to all affected!

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