Hank Alvarez denies responsibility for Moniker and Snapnames auction failure

Military training paid off for domain sniper Halvarez, who used to show off his skills at Snapnames daily

It seems that Hank Alvarezknown as halvarez in his days at Snapnames – is the numero uno scapegoat when it comes down to anything that fails in the domaining world!

Earlier today, both Snapnames and Moniker were down, as reported by various sources; the downtime caused the postponing of the live Domainfest auction in Barcelona, Spain.

Some accused Hank Alvarez of conspiring to sabotage yet another Oversee function, much as it had happened in the past with the domainer flu incident at the Playboy Mansion.

Hank Alvarez issued a statement, denying any such involvement:

Some old “friends” were quick to accuse me of being behind today’s power failure at the grid that brought down Moniker and Snapnames today, and it just isn’t true. While I’m an engineer with a degree in nuclear physics and quantum mechanics, I no longer desire to cause chaos and destruction to my fellow domainers and people in general. I’ve learned my lesson.

Read the full press release at the Hank Alvarez web site, HankAlvarez.com


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