Happy #Valentine’s Day : Share your #Love #domains and enjoy the day

Make love, not war.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and whether you are in love, in lust, or in a healthy combination of both, this is the day to show it.

This Catholic holiday signifying the existence of not one, but three folks named “Valentine,” turned mainstream in the middle ages.

By the 1700s it was popular, and in good all-American tradition, Valentine’s Day turned full blown commercial in the 1840’s. That’s right, grizzly men in cowboy hats and muddy boots wanted to get a special “sumfin” for their sweetheart, preferably not a beaver’s tail as a scarf.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the domain community can be a challenge; not quite often we end up hating the guts of each other.

But for a darn single day, let’s show some love, mmmkay? 😀

We all love domains, so this is your chance to share your domains that contain “Love” along with the best message you could possibly share with other domain investors.

Love y’all.

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