ICANN 50 in London: The future of domain investors is about to change

Domainer of the future.

Domainer of the future.

This June, two great events are scheduled for the world to watch.

First, World Cup Soccer 2014 starts in Brazil, on June 12; an event that will attract several billion people around the world.

Second, the ICANN50 conference is scheduled for June 22-26, in London, UK.

ICANN seems to be introducing changes quietly these days, so here is a list of a few things that we thought might be introduced during ICANN 50:

  • Removal of domainers’ training wheels: No more novice players would be allowed in the domain business and one would have to be 18 in order to own and trade domains; this will affect 89% of all NamePros members.
  • Certification of domain ownership: If you own a domain, a digitally signed certificate would prove that you own it. No more domain thefts.
  • Holographic meetings for ICANN 75 and beyond: Why spend millions of dollars transporting panelists half around the world, when they can all meet at the local Denny’s for some real work and waffles?
  • Introduction of Adopt a gTLD Day: No more hating on the new gTLDs by the old guard; every certified domainer would be required to own at least 10% of gTLDs as part of the gTLD Support Fund initiative.
  • Re-education of domain investors through Virtual Reality seminars: No more killing time with the Sherpas, this will be the real thing with Fadi Chehadé and other ICANN officials donning their Oculus Rift headsets while they debate the multi-stakeholder model.
  • Introduction of the ICANN Domainer Cemetery: We all have to go at some point, and domainer certification provides a digital domainer grave as an extra perk, at no cost. Just bring your own USB stick.

If you think that none of these are possible, don’t be so certain; stranger things have happened in our domainer lifetime, such as TRAFFIC Las Vegas having gTLDs as a sizable part of its agenda.


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