ICANN 65 in Mexico City has been canceled

ICANN has canceled its ICANN65 meeting in Mexico City, Mexico, after a wall to be constructed across the border with the US inched closer to materializing.

“The Mexican government has had enough with the Trump tirades about how Mexicans are ‘rapists’ and drug smugglers and need to be kept to the south of the border via a fence,” said Mexico’s president, Jose Ricardo Maria Derecho.

“We love America and technology, and we will continue to host international conferences, once the issue about the wall is settled in 4 years,” said the Mexican president.

Costing upwards of $2 billion dollars, the 2,000 mile, 12ft wall would help protect – according to Donald Trump – the US border with Mexico, keeping illegal immigrants and crime out.

“ICANN is deeply concerned about this upcoming construction and as a non-profit organization with $400 million in reserves we don’t want to jeopardize our relationship with the world,” said Ali Baba Husseini of the ICANN multi-steakholder committee.

The new city to host ICANN65 will now be decided by the US electoral college by the end of this month; candidate cities include Chicago, Baghdad, and the South Pole.


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