ICANN approves the return of .YU to compete against .ME

While Yugoslavia became 'balkanized' years ago, the .yu ccTLD is about to be re-introduced.

These days it’s not about national pride and obsolete countries such as the USSR and Yugoslavia – it’s all about the benjamins.

ICANN is therefore strongly considering the return of the former ccTLD .YU (dot yu) as a social media TLD.

In other words: it’s .YU against .ME – the Montenegrin ccTLD that broke through as a personal web space for people that want to talk about “me”.

Says Korina Sbskojic dean of the University of Belgrade in Serbia:

“We lived in time when .YU was after war and Tito dead. Now Yugoslavia gone but why .YU not be? Make money for peace and invest Serbia for peoples and technology. Sisadzijo!

Politics aside, the introduction of .YU will once again replenish the keyword pool; domains such as Screw.yu, Kiss.yu, and Flowers.yu will be available for the .YU Registry to sell at inflated prices.

ICANN has not released a specific timeframe for the (re)launch of .YU but it’s expected to fall within the new gTLD regulations.

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