ICANN drops gTLD application prices to $5

ICANN is apparently anxious to promote its new gTLD initiative; with the deadline of April 12 looming, what a better way to achieve this than by dropping application prices substantially.

“We decided to pull a GoDaddy and offer discounts to those still skeptical about how great the Internet will be with thousands of new gTLDs,” said outgoing CEO Rod Beckstrom.

“Imagine, thousands of ways to promote goods and services, millions of new typo-domains and of course thousands of new UDRP cases at the WIPO. ICANN stimulates the economy with gTLDs, that’s the most exciting thing that has happened in my lifetime since the introduction of the Sony Walkman,” he added.

The new pricing is ridiculously low: $5 dollars per gTLD application, with a maximum of 100 per applicant.

Outgoing ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, lowers gTLD application prices to $5.

The one hundred limit will be observed very strictly, according to Beckstrom. The special pricing does not include donations to the ICANN fund for Overseas Development and Executive Travel Expenses, also known as ICANN Club Med.

The ICANN special pricing ends on Friday, the crucifixion day of Jesus for the Catholics.

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