ICANN & NamesCon to require vaccine passports!

ICANN and NamesCon will soon be adding one more field to their registration forms in order to attend real, in person conferences: vaccination records.

Following France’s paradigm of “no vaccine, no croissant,” ICANN announced the need for vaccination passports this weekend:

“Here at ICANN we outline the benefits of the multisteak holder model, along with the vaccination passport if one wants to participate in our luxurious buffets,” said ICANN president, Göran Marby.

“In Europe we are doing this faster than the US ever would consider, especially that Florida governor who mumbles about freedom and guns,” added Marby, getting his second Pfizer shot without flinching.

In a similar fashion, NamesCon intends to hold live in person gatherings that break attendance records in the future; doing so would require proof of vaccination and a certificate of “clean domaining:”

“If you want to be part of the Bored Domainer NamesCon Club (BDNC) then get your vaccination and register with our NamesCon app! There are many benefits to that: you can get up to 5,000 free NC points to use at the open bar during our domain auction, or even turn it into Doge coin!”

Bottom line: participating in crowded events requires a vaccination status so make sure you get your full vaccine and carry proof of it, to attend domain investor conferences.

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2 Responses to “ICANN & NamesCon to require vaccine passports!”
  1. BullS says:

    Don’t forget to wear the mask!!
    I love wearing the mask

    Masks wearing is required at any conferences.

    Any males (9 yrs old and above) are required to wear masks because

    1- so I don’t have to see your nose hair
    2-so I don’t have to see your boogers in your nose aka -your nose shit
    3-so I don’t have to see your teeth- don’t care whether you have nice teeth or not
    4-so I don’t have to smell your bad breath-halitosis
    5-so I don’t have to see your damn hair on your cheeks or face…

    I don’t get your vomit

    I don’t have to smell and hear your burps

    #6- you don’t have to show your fake smiles

    You don’t show your poker face

    # and best of all, I look cool wearing my Spiderman mask

    that why I love wearing mask–more personal privacy!!

    For females– no need to wear mask because they are very responsible and clean!!

  2. Bulls says:

    No vaccine No job..you are fired!!
    Proof of vaccine to register domains will only cost $5
    No vaccine ,will cost 50$ to register a domain.

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