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ICANN proposal: Register domains jointly and save money

With Rod Beckstrom gone from the steering wheel of ICANN, the proposals for a technical revolution that would upstage old school thinking are pouring in.

Fresh from the ICANN Labs is a new method that compresses domains, thus reducing the cost of ownership.

“Our method and upcoming patent can be described as crazy, but it works” said Olivia Krjzski of ICANN.

“We allow for registrations of domains such as ‘example1com-example2net.com’. Our parser then splits the two domains, example1.com and example2.net into a manageable domain microcode that modern browsers can decipher, thus saving money from having to register two domains”, Krjzski explained.

So far, the ICANN method of compressing and decompressing domain names up to the maximum allowed 63 characters seems to be working only on Firefox 12 and up; the Internet Explorer and Chrome should follow suit.

The proposal will mean great news for thousands of small businesses that are bound to suffer for four more years, under the Obama Administration.


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