In memoriam : Remembering the #DomainQueen, Charlotte Gilbert

Charlotte Gilbert

We just lost a dear friend who always stood out of the crowd with her spunky, full of life personality.

Charlotte Gilbert was the DomainQueen, a developer and a writer, a domain blogger and a good friend – but most importantly, Brian’s beloved wife and a joy to their families.

She was a brave soul who chose to fight for life, not slowing down as her condition deteriorated. For everyone, her loss is immeasurable but her fearlessness was amplified by her natural bravado and desire to live, overcoming her small physical stature. She was a titan.

We are remembering Charlie’s giggling voice that dared to crack non politically correct jokes, who gave advice on personal matters, and who stood by as a friend in times of need.

Charlotte left behind a great legacy – something we all need to ponder about sooner or later. A great legacy matters so much more than wealth, or fame, or anything that fails to resonate with the core humanity we all carry, and the soul that we eventually deliver.

Lots of love to our dear friends, Charlotte and Brian, through these articles we wrote over the years:

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