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Peach State Media LLC

Peach State Media LLC

It’s the month of August, and summer is the season for lovely peaches, particularly the Georgia kind.

Peach State Media LLC is a web development studio, headquartered in beautiful Georgia.

Founded and owned by Georgia native, Charlotte Gilbert, the freelance web design studio offers its services locally, nationally and beyond.

Charlotte is a domain investor and developer, who also operates, a blog with a royal approach to domaining.

With Peach State Media LLC, Charlotte is addressing the variety of development options that exist in today’s market; with emphasis on social media integration, the professionally made designs will help you strengthen your brand efficiently.

Want to learn more about Charlotte Gilbert and her Peach State Media venture?

Here are some highlights:

  • Extensive web design experience with usability and best practices
  • Proven record of interpreting client’s verbal business and marketing ideas into websites
  • Comprehensive talents across service sales and networking areas
  • Develops brands and website identities in multiple business sectors
  • Purchased an $8.50 domain and built a $3000/month revenue stream from affiliate and Adsense integration. Sold site for mid $XX,XXX*
  • Managed a medium sized domain portfolio with low revenue streams, implemented affiliate and parking strategies, increasing portfolio value by 500%*
  • Coordinated, researched, negotiated and purchased resources for the Domainer’s Choice Awards event in Dana Point, CA

Time to visit Peach State Media to consult with Charlotte for your development needs!

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