India: The new Domain Standard is here with “triple dot” and .OOO

Dot .OOO or "triple dot" from India.

Dot .OOO or “triple dot” from India.

Start packing your gTLD bags, .XYZ – there’s a new king in town, or should we say, Raja.

With dot .XYZ making all sorts of silly claims about becoming the “new standard” alongside dot .com – maybe standard of freebies – so can anyone else.

Indian entrepreneur, Rajiv Sabnis, announced the creative pitch for dot .OOO which is referred to as “triple dot” in India.

Infibeam, the company behind dot .OOO announced its intention to expand on a global scale, “specifically delivering a dedicated online platform and their own personalized website with an address of their choice, to market their goods and services.”

While we cannot comment on the true “global appeal” of three “O” letters as opposed to the dot .com, one thing is certain: .XYZ will have more competition in the future, if it does not drop its domain robo-registration approach soon and amends its inflated numbers to reflect real human registrants.

For more information on dot .OOOtriple dotclick here.

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