Innovation incubator: Dan founder is working on a secret project!

Reza Sardeha, founder of, is no longer the CEO of the company he helped propel to the top echelons of domain aftermarket platforms.

The ever-busy domain industry professional is now a Strategic Advisor at GoDaddy, having sold for a reported $71.4 million dollars in cash.

While Reza deserves a multi-month long sabbatical for achieving this entrepreneurial goal, he’s not about to rest on his laurels!

In fact, as soon as the deal closed at GoDaddy, Reza Sardeha is already working on a secret project: an Innovation incubator lab.

According to his latest announcement, the Amsterdam based incubator is already in the works:

Only the biggest problems that impact our human lives will be tackled by this high-tech lab.

A combination of for-profit and non-profit concepts will be launched from our lab and the ultimate goal with each concept is to impact at least 5-10% of the world population in a positive way.

The first industries that we will tackle are: Housing, Search and free Access to unbiased information & education.

Working on a big idea yourself? We’re also incubating and accelerating early-stage startups and founders.

Let’s get busy!

Sounds like an exciting—and highly secretive—project that we’ll be hearing about in the not so distant future! 😀

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