Internet barbarians at the gates of the wine world!

As if the word “cybersquatters” wasn’t enough, a new article about the proposed launch of dot .wine and dot .vin gTLDs by ICANN, reeks of anti-domainer sophisms.

Titled “New Internet enders could plague wine world,” the article by a Gus Clemens attempts to describe the alleged dangers that wine producers will be facing from the darkest forces of those willing to make the world a “savagely cruel and ruthlessly greedy place.”

Clemens states thus:

“Alas, barbarians of the Internet may be at the gates of the wine world. […] Now ICANN is under pressure to create hundreds more, and the wine world howls in protest because .wine, .vin, and .vino are among those considered. […] Unless there are restrictions on who can buy what, wine companies and associations could be forced to purchase various iterations of their name to keep them out of the hands of Web villains.”

This type of insensitive propaganda carries a lot of careless commentary, spawned by limited research of the domain investment market, not to mention potentially enhanced by alcoholic vapors unbefitting a journalist wishing to deliver an objective, unbiased article.

Alas, the references to the “barbarians” at the imaginary gates don’t end here. Clemens delivers what he believes to be his ultimate blow with this “brilliant” statement about domain investors:

“The most famous such Internet play was, which took schoolchildren researching the American president to lessons in hard-core pornography.”

Perhaps the publisher, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, of the Morris Publishing Group, should endorse such epidermal writings only after the writers clearly pass an alcohol test first!

Link to article here.

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