#Internyet and #hypersonic domains : The Internet spawns #Russian DNS node

RuNet, Russia’s internal network, disconnected itself from the global network – the Internet.

Citing security reasons of fending off cyberattacks, Vladimir Putin’s tech guys disconnected Russia from the Internet while maintaining its internal activity. This, made RuNet the biggest intranet in the world.

Although the test was to simulate conditions of inbound aggression, the timing of the test coincides with Russian hypersonic weapons being tested. The Russian DNS servers – 3 of them so far, in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg – are there to ensure the Russian network stays up in case of a global war.

With the joint evolution of its own “internyet” and deadly hypersonic weapons, it’s clear that Russia is upping the ante in the global supremacy race.

For the record, Internyet.com is owned by Huge Domains and is being sold for $3,295 dollars. Meanwhile, HypersonicWeapons.com has an educational lander, but it’s most likely for sale.

Internyet – Photo by Doug Tunison on Unsplash


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