Dictionary #domain picked up by Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz talks about his “back pocket story” on Twitter

Intricacy is the the quality of being finely detailed. The matching .com domain,, has been acquired by the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Although Rick has not yet announced this specific domain acquisition, he’s known to be an investor and collector of generic, single word .com domains. Rick lists the following domains as still part of his portfolio:,,,,,

So how did the Domain King grab this beautiful keyword domain?

The domain was registered in 1999 and in recent years it was in the possession of product leader and strategist, Mr. Mark Ovaska.

Mr. Ovaska appears to have held the domain since at least 2007; that’s the oldest WHOIS record that DomainTools provides. has captures since 2000 for an Intricacy Group and one from 2006 confirms Mr. Ovaska owned it at the time.

In 2021 the domain was listed for sale with a price tag of $7,000 dollars. If Rick Schwartz paid this low of a price for the acquisition of the domain name, we’re quite certain he partied hard for the following 48 hours! 🙂

Either way, congratulations to the domain seller and to Rick Schwartz for this great domain transaction.

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