More stud power from the Domain King!


Rick Schwartz has chosen to be the name of his upcoming domain brokerage powerhouse.

Featuring a stallion or stud horse rising on its back feet, the temporary logo carries “we breed domain names” as its motto.

The Domain King is determined to expand the brand, having registered as well, an indication of a “stud convention” perhaps. is another two-word, descriptive domain, that in our opinion carries the message of the brand more accurately than simply Stud or

But that’s not where it all ends.

Two new domains registered by Rick are and

We don’t know what to make of these two, honestly, other than speculate that Rick Schwartz is expanding the stud family. The matching .com is currently available. 😀

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3 Responses to “More stud power from the Domain King!”
  1. Jeff Schneider says:

    Hello Lucius

    Welcome to a Bright Future. Rick Schwartz is definitely Allowing himself to Fly His Freak Flag of Creativity .
    It is a blast seeing the images he is Projecting. We predict Rick will be the first (Multi-Billionaire DOMAINERS
    JAS 7/28/2021

  2. BullS says:

    There one domain that relates to stud that he did not own and I own it!!!

  3. BullS says:

    He forgot to register one Stud domain that is the most important one of all and I have it!!

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