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Involving your mom in #domain spam? Don’t do it bro!

Domaining is getting serious, when you involve your own mother.

Maybe she can give you advice on which domain name sounds good, and which doesn’t. Perhaps she’ll be entertained by your explanations and anecdotes about how the domain market works. Who knows, she might come up with a cool brandable domain name, unleashing her creativity.

Involving her in mass domain spam is a no-no, however.

A recent email making the rounds, targets domain owners with the following message:

We are contacting you today regarding a domain name that we understand is currently owned by yourself or this company. We are considering a few different options for some domain names to use, which is why we wanted to get in touch with you today to see if you would consider selling this domain name.

We are serious buyers and we can guide you through the process if you are unfamiliar with the process. We can also use a 3rd party such as escrow.com to handle any payment or use our lawyers if necessary.

Please can you advise on the next step, whether that be looking to sell or whether you are not interested in selling the domain. If you would like to discuss any further queries or questions on the phone please let us know a suitable contact number and the best time to call you.

The email is signed by a domain broker’s own mother.

We know for a fact that she is not even located in the country that the email purports to be from. It’s really a shame that a domain investor and broker thinks it’s cool to do this, even if it’s in an arrangement with their mother.

Not to mention that the email is long-winded, presumptuous, and ranks as spam by a number of email filters. This copy reeks of pompous opportunism.

Our advice: Please keep your mom out of such domain-centric unsolicited mass email. She does not deserve the backlash that comes with it.

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  1. Data Glasses says:

    Hey Bro, I use my Butler’s name

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