July 4th fireworks erupt with $1,776 PPC click on parked #domain name!

It’s a dream come true for Frank Ravioli, a domain investor from Brooklyn, NY. Ravioli’s great-grandparents were migrants from Lazio, Italy, in the early 1900s, opening up a family restaurant in New York.

Ravioli’s parked domains don’t end much on a given day of the week, what with PPC becoming a parody of sorts. But today, right on the Fourth of July, Frank Ravioli can celebrate America’s independence day:

“How are ya? Getting a click like that, never in my dreams! I gotten clicks for $10 buck, maybe $12 and a quarter but most of my parked domains get like 25 cents per click. This one, wow, this is fireworks for me!”

A click that fetched $1,776 dollars sounds unreal but it’s real in the world of competitive real estate. Already in a hot market, realtors fiercely compete to sell homes, advertising for competitive keywords in local markets such as New York.

Frank Ravioli asked Uniregistry, where the domain RealEstateNewYorkForSaleByOwner.com is parked, if they could help identify the NYC realtor who paid such a high fee for one click. Citing privacy agreements, Uniregistry has yet to respond but they confirmed the validity of the click.

“Hey man, good looks for this hit. I don’t really care who paid such a ransom for a click to Google, I just want to see if it continues because my domain is kinda too long, kinda like a mouthful, you know am saying? My domainer friends at NamePros said it’s crap but I kept renewing it since 2008.”

Frank Ravioli will spend his $1,776 dollar commission at Coney Island with his long term fiancée Jacobina Salerno of Brooklyn. They will then celebrate July 4th with family and will launch fireworks from their front porch.

Happy July 4th to Frank Ravioli and everyone else who parks domain names with American PPC companies. It’s freedom, baby!

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