goes on sale for $5,000,000 dollars

Ultra-premium two letter .com domain,, is now up for sale.

In an exclusive brokerage deal with Media Options, the LL .com representing—first among others—Los Angeles, is priced at $5,000,000 dollars.

The price seems conservative for a two letter .com of this caliber. If sold at that asking price, would become the #3 most expensive two letter .com domain sale, behind at $8.5 million and at $8 million dollars, per NameBio. was registered in 1994 and it can also represent the US state of Louisiana, and the country of Laos. In the US, LA clearly stands out as a reference to the City of Angels. The domain is owned by Tribune Publishing of Illinois.

Media Options, brokers of, is accepting offers with a BIN of $5 million, and the message “Off the market forever. – Photo by Henning Witzel on Unsplash

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