LCID: Will become the next seven figure #domain sale?

EV manufacturer Lucid Motors operates from the domain

The electric motor company has surpassed Ford in the EV sector, becoming second to Tesla in terms of market capitalization.

Its stock trades on NASDAQ under the ticker LCID; not surprisingly, they also own the domain that is used as a URL forwarder to

Registered in 2000, was acquired by Lucid Motors from GNO Inc., a domain investing company operated by Gregg Ostrick. The domain appears to have changed hands on or around July 22, 2021. There is no information about the price paid by Lucid Motors to acquire The Lucid Motors IPO debuted on July 26, 2021 so the timing was crucial.

Meanwhile, the domain is registered to another portfolio holder of premium, generic domains, Registered in 1988, is an exceptional single word .com domain, that could fetch seven figures!

Can Lucid Motors afford to acquire for such an incredible amount? Absolutely.

Lucid Motors has a market capitalization of almost $89 billion dollars and its balance sheet closed Q3/2021 with approximately $4.8 billion dollars in cash!

Note: This article is about domain names and domain valuation and should not be treated as advice or endorsement of stocks or other commodities.

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