MannQuotes – Chapter VIII: The Magnificent Mike Mann


Domain investor, Mike Mann.

It’s been a full year since the last chapter of ‘MannQuotes‘ – tidbits of conventional wisdom from domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

Mike’s recent sale of for $40,000 dollars, a domain he paid less than $1,000 on, shows that Mike possesses a magnificent instinct.

When three-word domains produce such a great ROI, there’s a secret right there, and Mike’s statements provide such hints on a daily basis.

Without further ado, here is Chapter VIII of MannQuotes, and a link to our previous installment.

Enjoy! 😀

MannQuote #86
If your cash is green I’ll brand your ass.

MannQuote #87
I have sold the most premium domain names of any single person, and set the world record for highest priced single sale, I have a patent on the domain spinning keyword technology the whole world uses, was first to accept credit cards and pay taxes, and I invented the quick transfer and many of the expressions used in the marketplace. “Domain investing” and “domain speculation” were called “cybersquatting” before I changed it. Plus I invented the expression “premium domains” for commercial purposes.

MannQuote #88
You can dick around all you want with alternative TLD domains but .Com will be a stable “flight to quality” branding forever and remain the memorable king. Every site built on a confusing alternative TLD will make the .Com matching name even more valuable.

MannQuote #89
A world class .Com domain name worth 10 times as much as another is harder to sell even at only 5 times the price. Consumers’ minds are inflexible and stuck at the low end which harms their branding and investing opportunities.

MannQuote #90
I could never hold a job, I’d be fired for insubordination and tardiness the first day, fortunately I can still sell domains at midnight.

MannQuote #91
Alcoholism has lots of flavors, each of them distasteful.

MannQuote #92
Reality may or may not be pleasant but there is no way to change it.

MannQuote #93
Pure green tea is the best medicine I know of.

MannQuote #94
I love everyone with few exceptions. People shouldn’t wonder if Im “mad at them”. The few would know, in explicit English.

MannQuote #95
If you want to speculate in domains you are taking an enormous risk. You should only buy .Com and only names that are clear to understand and spell, and you can find lots of potential buyers with exact keyword matches in Google. There is a reason Ive sold more premium domains than anyone on earth.

MannQuote #96
You want money? Buy low, sell high

MannQuote #97
When it comes to turning around companies I like to fashion myself as a cross between Chef Ramsey of Kitchen Nightmares and Marcus Lemonis of The Profit.

MannQuote #98
People generally display the same behaviors consciously or subconsciously and rarely change whatever pattern they develop.

MannQuote #99
The digital currency phenomenon will be successful because all any currency requires for a market is confidence and critical mass. People dont like being controlled and ripped off by central bankers and credit companies. Right now its similar to the market for third world currencies but can only become more effective over time if not destroyed by scammers/politicians.

MannQuote #100
None of the new tld domain extensions are relevant, can expand on the .Com space or use the millions of great premiums available cheap, or use existing country tlds or other alternates already in existence, no use for any more noise and confusion.

MannQuote #101
If one were to only live once they shouldnt risk missing any of their potential moments.

MannQuote #102
If you are going to be spending most of your days working anyhow may as well go for the big bucks.

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