MannQuotes – Part VI: The Magnetism of Mike Mann

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

MannQuotes by Mike Mann.

Unfazed by a recent domain hijacking attempt, Mike Mann continues to intrigue those inside and outside the domainer “circle of trust.”

The ever-active uber-domainer has produced some extremely important witticisms, statements and words of wisdom – collectively called “MannQuotes“.

We have now reached Part VI of MannQuote installments, having decided to switch to Latin from Arabic numerals. The previous fifth chapter of MannQuotes was published two months ago.

For those of you eager to meet ‘the Mann’ at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, he won’t be attending, unfortunately.

Here we go!

MannQuote #56
“Non schola sed vita decimos!” We learn not for school but for life!

MannQuote #57
Generating and converting new leads will eventually bring millions no matter what else you screw up, not that I’m recommending screwing any of it up, do it all 100% and you will rule earth, its very ambitious model and you have the names and partners lined up.

MannQuote #58
Communist Chinese already stole all of our intellectual property; weapon system designs and all corporate and government info. They have a tap on everything else they want or will want. And the of course copy all the brands and music and other intellectual properties.

MannQuote #59
While you were sleeping someone updated a biz plan that will rule the earth (by accident, that’s just how I roll)

MannQuote #60
Fox and MSNBC are not legitimate news sources, and CNN is barely better. A monkey can get it right 50% of the time.

MannQuote #61
Maybe the traffic on Route 1 in DE (In reference to meeting up at TRAFFIC in Las Vegas.)

MannQuote #62
You’d have to be a complete dirtbag to make the Scum List onΒ, because there are lots of people I dont like who dont nearly rise to that level.

MannQuote #63
I didnt move to party town, it moved to me. I was here first.

MannQuote #64
A good gang leader can still maintain control and execute his plans from solitary confinement.

MannQuote #65
I dont see any point in hootsuite, twitter, or linkedin when fb can do all the same stuff easier and consolidated. The issue is if people fail to have fb account and still want to be contacted. I think they may find themselves on isolated islands with obsolete interfaces and everyone they need on fb.

MannQuote #66
I do live like a prince […] but Ive always given more to charity, taxes, xs, and others than myself. And Ive worked 7 days a week forever for charity for free. I have nothing but debt. And earned everything the hardest way of laboring. Nobody ever gave me a thing.

MannQuote #67
Parity, prosperity and peace is the answer. No justice, no peace. There is nothing to win and no way to win.

MannQuote #68
The fact that Socialists and terrorists wont admit it and come out of the closet is yet another reason they suck.

Looking forward to more MannQuotes, Mike! πŸ˜€

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