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Manuel Franco : New #Powerball multi-millionaire broke the .com ?


A guy called Manuel Franco just pulled the unthinkable feat of winning $768.4 million dollars at the Powerball.

The 24 year old from Wisconsin, had a great feeling when he played 10 tickets, even winking to the camera.

By beating extreme odds, Manuel Franco gets to cash a check of $477 million dollars, and he’s clearly set for life.

Meanwhile, the domain ManuelFranco.com seems to have lost its database connection, which displays the following error in Spanish:

Error estableciendo una conexión con la base de datos

This translates as:

Error establishing a connection to the database

Having so much money to invest in a multitude of assets can be a challenge. Manuel Franco’s been blessed with luck and has the opportunity to help others, something that he already indicated.

We seriously doubt he’d care about getting the matching .com domain, registered in 2003, however. All he needs is an Instagram account, to post photos of his future trips around the world! 😀

Manuel Franco – Powerball winner – Heavy.com article

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