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Mask kissing : New challenge, new #domain name by the Domain King

Wearing a face mask in public can protect you from the Coronavirus – or the “Chinese flu” as Donald Trump calls it.

If only everyone did it, we would not see these crazy numbers in the US of A where Covid19 is currently spreading rampantly.

But wearing a face mask can be socially awkward: how do people kiss these days?

That need for a solution via an invention led to the registration of the domain MaskKissing.com by the Domain King.

Rick Schwartz already registered IDontGiveAShit.com so this new domain sounds like a separate “joint venture.”

The challenge is real, so how about a bioVYZR helmet instead? 😀

Photo by Colin D on Unsplash

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3 Responses to “Mask kissing : New challenge, new #domain name by the Domain King”
  1. DomainBoss says:


    Looks like DomainBoss got these domains beforeour beloved DomainKing 🙂

    We own 6 domains related to kiss+mask as follows:


    Anyway, I am happy DomainKing got that domain…gives me a bit of validation of my above domains.

  2. DomainGang says:

    DomainBoss – You might have to kiss the King’s ring.

    Grammatically, kiss + mask is not the same as mask + kiss.

  3. DomainBoss says:

    Yes, I might have to… 🙂

    I see the difference, hope the King sells for big bucks or strike a JV deal like he is famous for.

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