Mega domainer upset sales record not yet discovered by #domain sleuth

Marcus Shöppenflagger of Austria is upset his track record of stupendous domain sales remains unseen.

The Austrian mega domainer began trading domains in September 1999, a few months short of the new millennium. He quickly turned this into a full time profession in his native city of Vienna.

“When started, it was the Y2k era, worked as computer programmer Austrian firm Das Kode. First year on Commodore 64 and then, professional PC. I discover domains, Austrian friends went for beer and sausage but stayed one night programm. Had 8 beer and no sausage, register first domain, then no stop since!”

Since then, Marcus Shöppenflagger has sold more than 45,000 domains, some in the ten figures, he claims. These Austrian Schilling domain sales are registered with the Austrian bureau of Finance, that issues annual taxes to all Austrian citizens.

Shöppenflagger is upset that domain sleuth, George Kirikos, has not uncovered his biggest domain sales yet.

“I like George, hoped he find sales of my records as he does for companies like Sales Force and other, but my sales with Austria Finance bureau easy find, so why not George? Hmm?”

Among Shöppenflagger’s biggest sales are four single letter .AT domains, a LLL and a LLLL in .AT, along with several big .COM sales of German words. It should be easy for George Kirikos to dig into the Austrian Finance bureau’s records and verify these remarkable domain sales. A crash course in German might be necessary and Google Translate might do the job.

Good luck, George! 😀

Austrian Domain investor

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