Meta #Epik: Should there be a rebrand?

Epik suffered a large scale data breach in early September, exposing gigabytes of data that included personally identifiable information of its customers and their transactions.

The domain registrar known for its “Swiss Bank of Domains” motto, received a big blow that permanently associates its brand with loss of client data and links the company to a number of organizations connected to far right extremism.

At Facebook, accusations of personal data mismanagement and a whistle blower leaked memo somehow coincided with a domain rebranding, taking Mark Zuckerberg’s company to its Meta stage. Zuckerberg has denied that such timing was intentional, stating that the transition of Facebook to Meta and was planned way back in 2014.

With that in mind, some people might be wondering if Epik plans to proceed with a brand reboot, as the Epik name appears synonymous with activities that polarize its customers.

In a discussion at DNForum, the domain name forum acquired by Epik, a new thread asks just that:

“With the recent data breach and hack of Epik, who believes Epik should change the corporate name and rebrand? There has been so much negative press I think it would be a wise move. Companies do it all the time and I feel it might be wise for Epik to consider it at this point.”

It’d be interesting to see what other domain investors believe that such a surface-level domain rebranding would help resolve. Incidentally, someone has registered the domain

Should Epik change its name as part of damage control?

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3 Responses to “Meta #Epik: Should there be a rebrand?”
  1. kip says:

    Having a data breach and then rebranding because of it is not genuine. It is trying to hide your roots and bad history in the rebrand. I would have a lot more concern if that happened. However, Epik has Epikly failed in this major data breach. Don’t know why you would trust them after this serious hack. Based on the data they apparently lost, they were not using even the most basic security precautions. I would never trust putting my social security number with them, they would have lost it in this moronic data breach.

  2. BullS says:

    As the saying goes… putting the lipstick on the Pitbull or the pig ..

    trying to paint stripes on the pigs to look like tiger…. whatever.

    Anybody gone to jail yet? Epik Monster is still in silence mode.

  3. amplify says:

    I’ve already addressed this on DNF that rebranding is trying to hide from something, or someone, such as the people that dislike Epik’s stance on free speech. You cannot rebrand and change the company’s core values, or else you get a completely new company. Rob has already replied to the thread that this ain’t going to happen (Linked in my name on this comment). I’ll end with this quote, “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

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