Mike Robertson on Michael Gilmour’s Fireside Chat

Mike Robertson

Domain super-broker, Mike Robertson, has more than 20 years of extensive, hands-on experience in the domain industry.

The popular Aussie domainer will be a guest at Michael Gilmour‘s upcoming Fireside Chat via a Zoom call.

The event takes place on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 5:00pm Eastern Time.

Says Michael Gilmour:

As part of our ongoing commitment to sharing knowledge, ParkLogic would like to invite you to this month’s Fireside chat with Mike Robertson. Mike is a 20-year veteran in the domaining industry specializing in buying, selling, managing, and monetizatizing domains. Mike’s impressive domain sales exceed more than 8-figures, including BTC.com (sale price $1M), CBA.com (sold to Commonwealth Bank of Australia) eSignature.com (sold to Adobe), Dermatologists.com and Life.com.au (sold to iSelect).

Mike has acquired domains for various individuals, companies, venture capitalists, agencies and start-ups and assisted several global bands, singers and athletes with their domain brand names. Furthermore, his work has been featured in various trade and industry publications as well as mainstream media such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and News.com.au.

During this time, Michael Gilmour will provide his monthly update on the state of the monetization industry followed by a time for Questions and Answers.

Here’s the link to the Zoom call (Meeting ID: 890 2768 4680 Passcode: 013990) You’d better be there as both Michael and Mike are two awesome Aussies! 😀

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