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MikeWebbForCongress2016.com has expired, but the “tight booty” pages did not

When you’re running for Congress, your voters are expecting from you to maintain a certain level of morals.

We all have vices, but Mr. Mike Webb decided to share them with the general public, posting an unfortunate screenshot on his Facebook.

Only problem, the screen captured the opened tabs of his web browser, among which two were rather un-Congresslike:

“Layla Rivera Tight Booty” and “Ivone Sexy Amateur.”

The screenshot is on his Facebook page as of this very minute, inviting plenty of commentary.

But the icing on the cake is that Mike Webb’s domain, MikeWebbForCongress2016.com, has expired! 😀

Mike Webb for Congress.

Mike Webb for Congress.

News and further developments about Mike Webb’s Facebook gaffe were originally presented on Gawker.

Mr. Webb is now blaming some obscure virus for the browsing document.

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