Mind-blowing : How do #Germans pronounce #domain names with dashes?

Dashed domains: They do exist, in order to separate words, and make things more legible.

In fact, domains can be formed with as many dashes as you need, as in the case of Sex—Sex.com. Oddly, Sex—-Sex.com was once registered, but not anymore.

Nope, domain names can’t begin or end with a dash, however.

Allowing dashes to be used in domain names, was a trade-off for spaces: we can count visible characters but spaces aren’t visible. And dashes are already being used in word composites, so it made more sense to use instead of the underscore.

In Germany, where words can get really long, it’s very common to use dashes in domain names, even leaving alone the non dashed variant. The German language can be intimidating to the uninitiated, but Germans are being practical with their use of dashes: they just want to read words easier.

But how are dashes pronounced in domain names among Germans?

German domains: Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Here’s something truly mind-blowing: a dash is pronounced as “minus” in German. It’s not a “dash“.

So the domain Zwei-Eins.de is pronounced as “Zwei minus Eins” and it does sound like a mathematical equation. 😀

The things we learn today!

Kudos: Michael Ehrhardt.

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