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Mind-blowing : How do #Germans pronounce #domain names with dashes?

Dashed domains: They do exist, in order to separate words, and make things more legible. In fact, domains can be formed with as many dashes as you need, as in the case of Sex—Sex.com. Oddly, Sex—-Sex.com was once registered, but not anymore. Nope, domain names can’t begin or end with a dash, however. Allowing dashes […]

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DENIC : Germany and .DE domains celebrate 30 years on the Internet

Germany celebrated its 30th anniversary on the Internet. It was the 10th country to secure its national ccTLD. On November 5, 1986, the country code .DE (ccTLD) became registered with the IANA, enabling the beginning of the Internet in Germany (Deutschland.) DENIC, current managers of the .DE ccTLD, did not assume control right away. According […]

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NSA reaction: Secure Email – Made in Germany

Germans, just like most Europeans, value their privacy; the news of the NSA snooping into the emails of millions of Americans via their providers didn’t sit well with their German counterparts. Several telecom providers in Germany started a new initiative supporting email privacy. Referred to as “Email Made in Germany“, the initiative places emphasis on […]

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