Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Then join the German #domain auction at Sedo

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Wunderbar schön!

Sedo is currently having a German domain auction for the next seven days, March 17th – 24th.

Featuring more than 350 domains, our kind sponsor invites German-speaking domain investors and end-users to bid on German keywords. Domains are priced to sell with a low reserve number (99 USD, EUR, or GBP.)

Naturally, some of these domains are descriptive in a fancy way; German often reminds us of a locomotive train as words tag onto one another to form descriptive, much longer words.

Take for example kamerarucksäcke.de that is featured in the Sedo auction: that’s German for camera backpack. Or, fahrradschutzbleche.de that means bicycle fenders.

Prefer shorter words? No problem, here are some great German domains in the Sedo auction:

  • Papier.org – That’s German for paper or document.
  • Ketten.net – It means chain in German.
  • Energien.net – If you didn’t understand it means “energies” then start studying.
  • Haarstyles.de – That’s hairstyles ok?
  • Grundstück.org – An IDN domain that means “property.”
  • LiveMusik .org – That’s live music to you. See how easy German is?
  • Exam.at – No need to reach for a dictionary, it means exam.

View the full list at the Sedo auction of German domains.

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One Response to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Then join the German #domain auction at Sedo”
  1. Sly says:

    I’d löve tö spraken German tö put the ö face in wöyörds.

    Mark Twains essay That awful German language, i recall being good. I think the “awfulness”-was-about-this-stringyness-you-mention, which i think i would enjoy.

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