NSA reaction: Secure Email – Made in Germany

Email made in Germany.

Email made in Germany.

Germans, just like most Europeans, value their privacy; the news of the NSA snooping into the emails of millions of Americans via their providers didn’t sit well with their German counterparts.

Several telecom providers in Germany started a new initiative supporting email privacy.

Referred to as “Email Made in Germany“, the initiative places emphasis on the encryption of data to and from their destination.

GMX, T-Online, Freenet and Web.de have created an informational portal, placing cute little German flags on a network map of Germany.

The domain used is typically German as well: E-Mail-Made-In-Germany.de.

German companies don’t flinch at the use of lengthy domain names, with words separated by dashes; it’s a common practice for businesses in Deutschland.

The good news: the companies have also registered E-Mail-Made-In-Germany.com, EmailMadeInGermany.de and EmailMadeInGermany.com. They all forward to the main portal mentioned above.

With Oktoberfest approaching, das ist gut.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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