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Moniker support still points to Oversee!

Ah, gotta love Fridays.

Francois of Domaining.com pointed out that in order to address an issue with domains at Moniker, one clicks on the “Support” button.

The problem, however, is that the link takes you to Oversee, where the FAQ and ticket system is still active.

The same happens with SnapNames.

It seems that Key Systems / KeyDrive jumped the gun with this deal without establishing local support first!

Unless of course the acquisition of SnapNames and Moniker was so lucrative that it contained a clause for support provision by Oversee for the first few months of the transition.

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7 Responses to “Moniker support still points to Oversee!”
  1. Ben says:

    Moniker and SnapNames customer support very bad, honestly.

  2. Francois says:

    It’s annoying because my customer representative at Moniker was fired so for me it’s the only way to reach them. It’s not the case today but this could be critical…

    Thanks for the post, I hope that they will solve this quickly so anyone can have email support at Moniker and SnapNames.

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Francois – KeyDrive is based in Luxemburg so it’s a short drive from France, no? 😀

  4. Michele Van Tilborg on behalf of Moniker, SnapNames, KeySystems and KeyDrive:

    For both Moniker and SnapNames, the support portal is a key part of our transition plan post acquistion. What that means for our clients is that they will continue to submit tickets through the Oversee.net support portal while we migrate onto our new system – at that time the link will change.

    We will keep you posted on this change – you can monitor updates from our FaceBook account MonikerSnapNames.

    Additionally a key area of improvement underway is client service operations. We are hiring!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Kate says:

    Oversee might rebrand itself as Oversight 🙂

  6. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Thanks Michele for the clarification.

  7. Francois says:

    Is it normal I did not get a response from Oversee after 2 days.
    Does it means I should now wait until Monday?
    There was no urgency, but well.

    The other party who is also a Moniker customer is losing patience as she called many times without get any help on this simple issue:
    A transfer that simply need to be resent because the registrant (she) never received the email and its’ a condition to can validate the transfer.

    Maybe Michele you may use of your authority to shake the right person so this issue is resolved in a reasonable time.

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