#MrLowballer : 3 hours without lowballing #domain name offers!

Hey folks! Happy Phriday eve!

It has been 3 hours since I last made a domain inquiry – lowballing, of course – and I feel like crap!

Most of the year I send domain offers around the clock, 24/7. So when do I sleep, you may ask. Simply, I schedule my emails. 🙂

That’s right. You seriously thought that I, Mr. Lowballer, am a loser who has no life and never sleeps?

LOL brah!

OK, so I sleep between 6-8 hours every night, sometimes less than 4, but that’s only when I have a hot chica around, if you catch my drift. Got to get busy my man!

Anyway. One thing I tried was to not send any lowball offers for 3 hours. WTF. Total disaster!

My pulses went up. My BP was elevated. My cholesterol shot through the roof. No bueno.

When I send emails out every 90 minutes, I’m fine. Now I know that on average, I have to send out an average of 16 emails per day. That’s not a lot, you might say, but let me tell you something: I also work on weekends.

Mr. Lowballer.

Domain owners are sick of me, of course. Sometimes, I use a woman’s name, to avoid being cussed at. Last time I didn’t, some domainer who didn’t like my offer called me a “punk @ss b!tch motherf&cker.”

So much anger out there. I swear, half of all domainers don’t get laid. Either that, or they eat too much red meat. That’s right. Get some lentils for dinner, my friends, and while at it, get your d!ck sucked.

Anyway. I wanted to end this on a good note, because I don’t need no more haters. So here’s a tip on how to react to a lowballing offer.

When the number comes in, and it’s like $10 bucks or whatever, shut down the computer and don’t reply until the following day. Who knows, the lowballer might drop dead overnight, like an evil spirit. Or they might increase their offer to $20.

Later folks!

~ Mr. Lowballer.

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One Response to “#MrLowballer : 3 hours without lowballing #domain name offers!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Hooray for Mr Lowballer …….make me an offer!

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