Must-see session: Ron Jackson’s video interview of Mike Mann!

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, has been interviewing prominent figures of the domain industry on his video show.

The show is broadcast live and then saved on Mike’s YouTube channel.

Today’s show is a must-see, as the legendary Ron Jackson, founder of DNJournal, is turning the tables around, interviewing Mike Mann! 😀

Mike Mann and Ron Jackson on video

Says Mike Mann:

Ron Jackson (journalist and patriarch of the domain name mini-industry) interviewing me; then live domain name appraisal training. Don’t miss this extra special session!

Here it is:

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One Response to “Must-see session: Ron Jackson’s video interview of Mike Mann!”
  1. Ron Jackson says:

    Thanks Theo! Mike has quite a story – one that begins with him running away from home at 15 (and not just going over to a friend’s house to hang out for a few hours before going back!) He flew 2,500 miles on a fake ID (I think today they would call it an “alternative” ID 🙂 and started a new life. Millions of dollars in sales later – and millions more raised for charity – he is still going strong.

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