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Name and shame: Spammers raiding Internet Traffic domains – Crystaltravel.co.uk

Eff you, spammers.

Eff you, spammers.

We wrote before about the spamming douchebags that utilize the contact form of domains parked at Internet Traffic, in order to advertize businesses and services.

Those dicks usually come from countries that are used to promote services on the cheap, maybe a penny per post or spam.

We are naming and shaming the companies, domain names and web sites advertized in those emails so that they get a taste of their own medicine.

Today’s honors belongs to Crystaltravel.co.uk and the message below about trips to Manila came from the rogue IP in New Delhi, India:

Manila is one of the most modern cities in Asian continent. Buy Flights to Manila and visit this amazing city. Manila is the only Asian capital city which may surprise you with its westernization. Manila is a beautiful metropolis of Philippines,

Caught Cheap Flights to Manila and experience this city which was known as Ginto in medieval period which means Land of Gold. Manila is a well developed city. The city never disappointed anyone with its charm and beauty.

Manila is one of the most admired touring destinations in the whole wide world. High spirited choices for fun are just too many. With Crystal Travel online travel agency your worry of how to get cheap airline tickets ends abruptly.

For more Details You can visit

Website : http://www.crystaltravel.co.uk/cheap-flights/far-east/flights-to-manila.aspx

Contact No. 02076120500, 08003680300

Address : 38 Riding House Street London W1W7ES

E-mail :enquiry@crystaltravel.co.uk

No offer for the domain was submitted with this spam email from the Crystaltravel.co.uk minions, who used sgtraveluk@gmail.com as the sender’s email, and a phone number of +4402076120500.

We would never recommend the services of Crystaltravel.co.uk as they appear to be willing to employ such assholes. If you want to travel to Manila, avoid crystaltravel.co.uk as they are spammers.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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