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#NamePros by the numbers : Whoever owns the #domain forum is happy with these Google Analytics

NamePros is by far the busiest domain forum these days, and has been so for a long time.

It attracts numerous domain investors to its ever-active sub-forums, from rookies to veterans like Rick Schwartz. And if you’re looking for some busy, drama-laden threads, often times controversial, that’s the place to be.

Very few in the domain industry know who is the person that holds the keys to the NamePros kingdom, and one should not believe current speculations. We’ve promised to safe-keep the NamePros ownership secret, and in doing so, some fresh data was presented to us; the numbers look delicious.

Using the latest Google Analytics Insights, the stats shared confirm that NamePros has solid traffic, and does so with faithful traction; the ability to retain and increase its followship month over month.

Some points from the NamePros traffic data worth noting:

  • In February 2017, a peak of 10,542 individual people in a single day was recorded.
  • The same month, a peak of 174,487 individual people in a single month was achieved.
  • At least 100,000 individual people visit per month.
  • Average unique visitors per month is about 150,000 individual people.
  • The United States is the most popular country among users.
  • Desktop users and tablet users are slightly increasing.
  • Mobile users are slightly decreasing.
  • More users use Desktop than Mobile.
  • Very few users are using Tablets.
  • User traffic is remarkably steady: highs are only around 2X the lows.
  • A lot of people are visiting NamePros during U.S. work hours.

A couple of notes:

From the charts, the monthly individual people are much higher than daily, because on any given day, every user doesn’t visit the site, but over the course of a month, they eventually visit at least once.

For instance, some users may only visit a couple times a week, and in that case they wouldn’t be counted in every daily stat. However, each unique person would be counted once in the monthly statistics.

And now for the charts:

Many thanks to Eric Lyon of NamePros.com for the report and charts provided.

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One Response to “#NamePros by the numbers : Whoever owns the #domain forum is happy with these Google Analytics”
  1. Anon says:

    Of course, Unique Visitors as reported by web analytics tools does not equal Individual People due to changes in IP addresses, cookie flushing, etc. As a result, Unique Visitors is typically a slightly inflated number in terms of it representing uniquely different individual people. But, unless you are an omnipotent God, it’s the best numbers you’ve got.

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