NamePros seller offers the most expensive domains in the universe!

What is the most expensive domain ever sold?

Although the list of the most expensive domains contains some dubious entries that might include additional assets, the numbers max out at $35 million dollars.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, believes that was sold for an astounding $872 million dollars, but there is no official consensus for that transaction.

A domain investor and member of NamePros, is currently selling what would be the most expensive domains in the universe.

For example, is priced at $50 million USD, and has a price tag of $250 million dollars.

If you have $50 million dollars to spare, he is selling for that price – satellite not included.


These domains are not priced in a manner that makes any sense, but the NamePros seller might just as well be serious about it! 😀


Many thanks to Jordi for the tip.

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