New $100 Dollar bill to honor Rick Schwartz for his contribution to Domaining

It was about time – a personality representing the much-misunderstood domain industry has received the unique honor of being featured on US currency.

The new $100 dollar bill, laden with security features that make it virtually impossible to counterfeit, is being presented today at the US Treasury.

The man of honor is no other than Rick Schwartz.

New $100 dollar bill to feature Rick Schwartz! Click for a larger image.

“We wanted to use the highest US currency denomination to reward the contribution of Mr. Schwartz to the domaining industry”, said Faith O’Hullahan of the US Treasury’s PR office.

“Initially, we were asked to feature Mr. Rick Latona but he is too young still”, she added.

Ron Jackson on the new $50 dollar bill. Click for the full image.

Ron Jackson, editor of DNJournal, was also a candidate for the newly redesigned US currency; his image being used on the $50 dollar bill. Meanwhile uber-domainer Frank Schilling was mentioned but could not be utilized, what with being a Canadian citizen.

Congratulations Rick!

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